Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care

When it comes to caring for your children, most parents are well aware of the importance that early and regular dental care plays. For optimal oral health, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that dental visits begin within 6 months of the appearance of a child’s first tooth (think of it as a well-child check-up for the mouth). Remember, the teeth are there before you even see them. And baby teeth lost too early due to decay can cause spacing problems for adult teeth down the road. Growing healthy smiles is what we do best and it takes lots of trust and practice from your child.

How can we ease your child’s fears together?

Together we can make that first visit less stressful for your child (and you)!

Bring them along. We recommend you bring your child with you to one of your scheduled adult cleaning appointments. Our child-friendly technicians will talk them through what we’re doing, which helps ease their fears and even gets them interested in what goes on at the dentist.

You know your child best. Once your child becomes a regular established patient, our office staff does not recommend for parents to come back into the operatories with their children during procedures. Often times, knowing mom or dad is there causes more anxiety and bad behavior. However, ultimately it’s your choice, as the parent, because you know your child’s needs better than we do. We are here to help in any way we can to make your child’s experience happy, comfortable and rewarding!

We use positive reinforcement. Once your child’s cleaning is complete, they get a token to put into the toy machine, something they look forward to that no visit to the dentist would be complete without!

Color away their fears. Kids love to color and often talk through their emotions while they’re at it. You can download these free coloring pages and listen for any fears that may arise. Usually a simple chat with mom or dad puts them at ease before their visit. (And that’s when you mention the toy machine.)

Get coloring sheets, activities and fun videos here (even Elmo makes an appearance!).

Resources on kids’ teeth from the AAPD:

Take the fact or fiction quiz to test your knowledge.
Learn healthy habits.
Check on common concerns.
Optimize nutrition.

Tell your child Dr. Hollifield looks forward to meeting them soon!